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Monday, August 11, 2008

Phinally Photos

We begin our show in Birmingham. Paul's brother lives near there, and "Dreamland" is a popular BBQ joint. Just my speed! The food was good, too!

Once we got to Disney World, we found it really hot. Timmy found one of the cooling stations, and his abundant hair retains some evidence.

Some of the wildlife we found at Walt Disney World:

These birds were all over the place. Any birdwatchers in the crowd?

Yes, of course I bought ears.

Our host!

I think some of the "floats" in the Animal Kingdom parade are modeled after the toys that African children often make out of wire and other found objects. These are bigger, of course, and many of them are human-powered.

Oooh, look! More wildlife!

We were impressed with the production values of the whole place. The parades were performed to pre-recorded music which mostly came out of speakers along the street. Those are some amazing sound systems. Mostly, though, I wouldn't hurt myself to see the parades unless you have little children who love the characters. I wanted to hear more of the music from the movies, but they seemed to mostly use music composed for the parades, instead of the old favorites.

We found out that my kids are not the only ones who like to wear mismatched shoes. These little sweeties were from Mississippi, I think. Yes, their Mom and Grandma also took photos.

We kept looking for "iconically Disney" photos.

I didn't wear my wig in the parks, but didn't want it to miss the fun, either!

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