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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ruth Update, June 25, 2008. The "review"

Dear Friends, Relatives, and Prayer Partners,
That is one strange play, and I enjoyed it.  It is very darkly funny, as it is set during the Black Death in France, and concerns a monk who feels inspired by God to form a troupe of clowns to bring mirth to everybody.  The "church" thought that was fine during the plague, but changed tacks after the epidemic burned out.  Not a play for people who believe that the people who make up the church have never made a mistake.  Matthew says it is "Brechtian," but not really theater of the absurd.
It is bawdy.  Parental guidance is recommended for children under thirteen.  There are ladies of the evening involved, but no nudity.  There is a codpiece, though. 
Matt was great as one of the "Ravens."
Don't get me wrong -- I don't believe the play makes fun of God, just organized religion, specifically the Roman Catholic church of the time. 
After the play, there was a reception and I got to meet some of Matt's playmates.  They all had nice things to say about him.  The director is very glad he showed up to help them out at the last minute.  The whole play seems to have been a last-minute replacement for another play, though  Matt doesn't know the details.  I spoke to the lead actor, and he was surprised to find he had the lead in the beginning.  He had not even read the play yet!  He did a very good job, as did the rest of the cast.
Go see it.  More information at the company website  The prices vary by which performance you choose, but the Saturday matinees are "pay what you can."    General seating, so try to be near the door when the house opens, though the theater is small enough that it doesn't really matter where you sit.  We were in the top row on the end, and saw and heard everything just fine.  Great legroom up there, too!  The theater is a converted warehouse, and the a/c has trouble keeping up, so wear thin layers.  It is summer in DC, after all.
Before you go, get your mammograms and do your self-exams!


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