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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Hot Day in DC

The Parade of Pink. People who register as breast cancer survivors get pink t-shirts, and if you get there early enough, you get to sit near the speaker's platform.

Where you can take pictures of our Secretary of State . . .

Nancy G. Brinker, whose sister, Susan G. Komen, was the inspiration for the foundation named after her . . .

and the actress, Cynthia Nixon (I think), from "Sex and the City" who is a survivor.

Here's part of the team at the assembly area, which was some distance from the actual starting line. The lady in pink on the right is my friend Belinda, who took my motto, "Get your mammograms. Do your self-exams" seriously. She is the captain of our team. Paul was already on his way to the starting line when we took this photo.

Isn't that a great sign? The people with the microphones at the start and finish didn't know what to say about it, so they didn't say anything. The "LSLC" is for "Living Savior Lutheran Church." The gentleman at the right with the white hat is my friend Bob, and the lady walking next to him is Ruth M. Both of them kept up with the young 'uns. The other Ruth is just to the right of the sign, and her fiance, Joel, is carrying the sign.

I carried the sign for a little while. Dang, can you tell I don't spend much time in the sun?


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