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Monday, March 10, 2008

Monkey Business

Matt has entered a contest on YouTube to win an IPod Touch. To win, he has to get the most views of his video of all the people entered. So, keep watching it over and over and over until you absolutely cannot stand any more. And then keep watching:

(Edited: The contest is over. So, you don't need to watch any more than you want. He did get over 900 hits, though he didn't win. I don't think.)

For variety, you might want to look at my contribution. But probably not as many times as you watch Matt:

The really sad part about this video is that I made it just before I went to a meeting of the board of elders at church, which I thought was at 7:30. It was at 7:00, and I was late. I had to admit to the other members of that august body
that I was making a silly YouTube video.

I sure hope Matthew wins the IPod.


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