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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ruth Update, February 16, 2008

Dear Friends, Relatives, and Prayer Partners,
Thank you for all of your messages of support.  I am embarrassed when people call me "brave" and "courageous."  Any strength I have, I get from the LORD.  I thank Him that I was baptized at birth, reared in a Christian home, and have had good Bible teaching along the way, even when I was in the Army.  Paul is my earthly rock, and I also thank God for him on a regular basis.
One of my cousins asked what she could do for me.  Heck, she has already flown out to visit from Nebraska.  Anyway, just to give her something to do, I guess, I mentioned lilac soap and lotion.  I can't usually find lilac soap, except at the local Turkish grocery, and that is commercial stuff with a very light scent.  I like the stuff you can get at craft fairs.  I usually clean the vendors out if they have lilac.  I used to be able to get some lilac soap at Whole Foods, but didn't see it the last time I was there, and didn't even see a space for it on the shelf.  Now my cousin is driving around Eastern Nebraska like somebody on a mission.  Not what I meant.  I guess I should have said, "If you happen to be at a craft fair, and somebody happens to have some artisan lilac-scented soap, I wouldn't mind a bar."  Now I feel bad that she is the only one I told about my lilac love.  So, now, if anybody out there wants to do some little thing for me, and you happen to be at a craft fair . . .  One bar is fine.  Don't burn gas just for me!  If I seriously needed the stuff, I know I can find it online.
On the cancer front, I have an appointment for a liver biopsy on Wednesday morning.  It is "CT-guided."  I think what they mean by that is they use a CT-scan to find the lesions in my liver, and then use a big, long, needle to get a sample of it.  I will be pretty thoroughly sedated.  I am going to ask to be really thoroughly sedated.  The procedure is at 9 am EST, February 20th, just in case any of you want to pray at the exact time.  I pray that they will get a good sample, and it will show that I can be treated with Herceptin.  I need all the ammunition I can get if I want to play with my grandbabies.  I also pray that nothing goes wrong and I am back on my feet and fighting in a hurry.  Paul is coming with me. 
My friend Lisa Latall is still raising money for the Avon Breast Cancer Walk.  She is more than halfway there!  Whoo, hoo!
Get your mammograms.  Do your self-exams!


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