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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Our visit to the frozen north

When my brother Andy said he would have Christmas week off and would like to spend it with us again, I had to tell him that we were going to visit Paul's parents and family for the holiday in Northern Minnesota. One thing led to another, and both my brothers spent the week with us and Paul's family. They assured me that they enjoyed it! For one thing, they had never driven snowmobiles. Paul's brother, Jim, works for Polaris, and was able to check out two "sleds" for the time we visited.

That's Jim giving Matt a lesson. Matt loved it, of course.

And here is Andy getting ready to roll. That is Tony behind him.

And Tony, in the driver's seat.

I, of course, had ridden a snowmobile before, so I decided I wasn't going to ride this time. Right.

I even impressed Matt, who was on the other one trying to keep up with me.

Yes, Paul rode, too, and Timmy got to ride along, supervised. He seemed to like being pulled on the sled, best. Though this is Matt.
More to come! As I think of it.


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