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Sunday, November 11, 2007

So, how did it go?

My solo went fine. I think it could have been better, but I stayed on pitch and didn't waver much. All my friends thanked me and said it was good.

I also got to speak to the early service on the wonderful topic of stewardship. As part of it, I told them how much the congregation meant to me. When I mentioned the casseroles, that is when I teared up. It is a wonderful congregation, and is like family to me.

Speaking of family:
L-R is Paul, Timmy, me, and my cousin Jan. She is treating us to dinner at the Malibu Grill, Fairfax. The waitress was kind enough to take the photo.
Here, Paul caught Jan and me talking. Nothing new about that. My throat was slightly scratchy by the time she left. We just kept talking all the time. Note the nice necklace I am wearing. Jan brought that as a nice gift from the "girl cousins" on our Moms' side of the family. They also gave me a nice leather-covered journal.
I like this shot of Paul and Timmy. Jan is taking a photo of them, and I got in on it.


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