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Friday, November 09, 2007

Ruth Update, November 9, 2007

Dear Friends, Relatives, and Prayer Partners,

My cousin Jan came to visit this week. She arrived Sunday evening from Nebraska, and we spent Monday taking Timmy to the International Spy Museum in DC (worth the money, by the way). On Monday evening, Laurel, the music director from St. Paul's came by so I could run through the song I am singing at church on Sunday: "Fill My Cup, Lord," to practice it and so Jan could hear it. At one point, I made eye contact with Jan during the song, and just totally dissolved into tears. No eye contact with anybody on Sunday, I promise you. Tears seem to be very near the surface these days. I think it is because of the hormonal treatments I am getting for my cancer. I will be addressing this with my oncologist. Anyway, Jan and Timmy were planning to go to the National Zoo on Tuesday, but Timmy seemed more content to sleep, so Jan was okay with that. I went to work that day, and Jan came by. We had hoped to get her laptop on the church's secure wireless system, but even though she, the pastor, and I worked on the connection, it only worked marginally. We just hope we did not destroy her connectivity completely. She bought me lunch, and took us out to dinner that evening. Wednesday morning, the airport shuttle came by to get her after I went to work, and she flew home.

I was feeling kind of bummed because Matt and I had not spoken since we were at Hershey Park, even though I had left a few messages and e-mails asking him to do so. This afternoon I was feeling really low, so I called him and got through. We had a nice chat. He got a compliment from one of his theater teachers who saw him in rehearsal for the first time, so he was feeling pretty good. We talked for a while and told each other of our love. At about nine o'clock this evening, he walked in the door. Sneaky kid had bummed a ride with one of his high school buddies so he could surprise us and see "Alice in Wonderland" at Lake Braddock Theater this weekend. It is so good to have him home, if only briefly. He is leaving Sunday morning sometime, and I have strongly suggested he make it to church. I promise I will not make eye contact with him while singing.

We will be pretty busy on Saturday, though Paul will be backpacking with the Scouts. The boys and I will be seeing "Alice" in the afternoon, and then I have tickets to a "Sweet Adelines" concert in the evening. I hope to take one of my sons with me. Matt plans to see "Alice" again, as they have two different people playing the lead because they have extra performances. That way, more children can see the play. I think he hopes to bring his girlfriend to the second performance.

On Monday, I will be having my next Faslodex and Aredia treatments. Paul has the day off, which is a good thing, since the china cabinet will be delivered on Tuesday morning, and furniture needs to be shuffled.

Please pray about my bone and joint pain, and my emotional state.

Get your mammograms. Do your self-exams.


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