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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Mall Adventures

Somebody on an online list asked me if I had a good time at the mall.

Did I have a good time at the mall? I rarely have a good time at the mall. I go there when I need something that is best found there, as in LensCrafters, where we go mostly for the convenience. The plan was to go there, and while the glasses were being made, go to the DMV. The best laid plans gang aft agley (or something like that). When I finally got to the mall (I had to turn around half way there as I forgot to bring my new glasses prescription), I found that every staff member at LensCrafters was busy, and their sign in list must have had ten people on it who had not been seen. Okaaaayy, so we change plans.

Instead of waiting in line at LensCrafters, I waited in line at the DMV. I am so glad I brought my crochet projects. One is a "standing" project, a string bag so light I can do it standing up. And I stood for quite a while. I counted my blessings. At least I was not standing in that line with a baby. With no bathroom nearby. I think I caught a whiff of diaper, too. When I got to the front of the line it occurred to me that I hope that the information desk duty is one that is passed around. I would hate to have to face the people that lady was facing EVERY SINGLE DAY I came to work. She was the one who assigned numbers that sorted you by what you wanted done. My case was simple. Grab a clipboard and have a seat. By the time I finished filling out the form, my number came up. The fellow who handled my case and I cracked a little wise at each other, and I took a seat to wait for my photo to be taken and the license printed out. Then, I got to work on my "sitting" project, a bathmat for Matt. And, ya know, the picture wasn't that bad! I may just do this by mail next time. The main reason I didn't do it by mail this time was the horrible photo. I had it taken just as my hair was coming back in the first time.

Back to LensCrafters. I didn't have to wait to be seen, and we handled that pretty fast. Then, I had an hour and a half to kill. At the mall. Feh. I just can not get into the window shopping or mall crawling, or whatever it is that people seem to enjoy at the mall. I had a salad and slice of Cinnamon Cream Cake at "The Corner Bakery." It's a chain, I am pretty sure. The cake was okay, but the slice was too large. I suppose if I had forced myself, I could have finished it, but that behavior has led to my current weight problem, so I left a lot of it. Then, I found a place to sit overlooking the "grand court" or whatever they call it and started work on the bathmat some more. They had a college football game on. I was sort of idly watching it, and saw that one of the teams was wearing red. Oh, can't be Nebraska, they have red helmets on. Oh, hey, that's Penn State's coach. Those are the guys in white. Now, what's his name? He has been the coach there since God was a boy? Dang, I should know this! Ummmm, ummmm . . . Joe Paterno! I was so pleased with myself that I shared this discovery with the poor man sitting at the other end of the bench. Poor guy must have thought I was nuts. I am pretty sure it didn't take him that long to come up with Joe's name.

I found a loo, and then went back to LensCrafters. One day I will park at the right entrance to get there. I even checked the map of the Mall on Friday in hopes of not taking too long of a hike. I screwed it up again. It is on the OTHER side of Lord and Taylor, you moron! Anyway, I got my glasses, and got out of there.

I visited the new yarn shop and bought some yarn, of course. Gotta keep them in business, don't I? Then home.

Just in case you were wondering how my day went.

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  • At 2:04 PM, Blogger Soprano671 said…

    Hi Ruth,

    I just wanted to let you know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I am a former church secretary. I am also a handbell player (I play the big bass bells and have a table all to myself). Grace and peace! -Tricia


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