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Saturday, September 08, 2007

A bit of a setback

Okay, I last blogged on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I walked the 1.6 mile route. On Thursday, I walked the 2 mile route, much more slowly. I just could not get going, and was walking about 101 steps per minute. I just could not get up to 106. I came home feeling kind of stiff and tired and generally beat. I did, however, have some of the ice cream. It had a raspberry swirl and chocolate chunks. Good stuff! I hobbled along with Paul on his evening walk.

The next day, I got up and somehow made it to work, though a bit late. As the day wore on, my back felt worse and worse. I warned Paul that I was not going to be able to get dinner on. My only comfortable position is flat on my back with two pillows under my knees. Or, on my side, knees drawn up with a pillow between them. I am out of percocet, too. Dang. I have to depend on Motrin. Today is laundry day, and Paul and Timmy are off on a camp out with scouts. I had them take most of the dirty laundry downstairs before they left. Now it is up to me to get the clean stuff upstairs. Dang, again.

I didn't walk yesterday, and I doubt that I will today, either. If it ain't one darn thing, it's another!



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