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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Still truckin'!

I missed two days in a row due to a) Sunday is a day of rest, and b) I felt like crap. I have since done my 1.7 miles three days in a row, even yesterday, when I had started the day by coughing so hard that I lost my breakfast. All of it. I scared Janet and Carla, my co-workers, pretty thoroughly. I called the HMO pretty quick. I saw a nurse practitioner, and she confirmed that it was "just a virus." Yeah, right. She prescribed a decongestant to stop the drip that was causing the cough, and it worked! I managed to sleep the night through last night for the first time in days.

We also took Timmy to the big school he will be starting to attend on Tuesday. I am more concerned about him starting seventh grade than I was about Matt starting college. I have even rearranged my work schedule to be home when he gets home. It doesn't help that I can't find the local bus stop on the schedule they passed out. Now to get him to orientation tomorrow, and to get all the stuff on that massive supply list they give us.

Oh, I was weighed at the clinic. No difference from last week, but still six pounds down from the week before that.

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