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Monday, August 27, 2007

My weekend

We did indeed go to BR Friday evening. I had a kid's scoop of Heath Bar Toffee crunch, which was pretty close to what I remember of butter brickle ice cream. It was good, and it was enough. Timmy heard discussion of BR, and he came along on the walk. He got a bigger scoop of a different ice cream. Paul got nothing at BR, but walked over to Safeway to buy milk.

On Saturday, I slept late, but did get my walk in around noon time. It was very hot, but I did the walk, stopping at the bank to cash in some dollar bills for dollar coins. I am starting a campaign to actually use dollar coins. I found out that the speed check lane at Shoppers Food Warehouse does take them. Little by little, the dollar coins will gain acceptance, but only if we use them! Go forth and use the coins! Save some for a collection, first, though! Or not. Whatever you want.

When I awoke on Saturday, my nose was stuffed up. This was not good news as I was scheduled to be the special music at the church where I work that day. I called the music director to warn her. We met before the service, and found I should do the piece, Fill My Cup, Lord, a half-step lower than we practiced, and to avoid the "big finish" I had planned. I managed to get it out, with lots of lubrication -- water, hot tea, coffee, pectin cough drops.

Sunday evening, we had a dinner group meeting at the home of a friend from the church where we worship. I brought the appetizer -- some carrots, cucumber spears, and small tomatoes from our garden, with homemade dip, some homemade pita pieces with purchased hummus. The rest of the meal was much above that: Rib eye roast, baked potatoes, asparagus and green beans with hollandaise sauce, spinach and strawberry salad, bread pudding with hard sauce for dessert. I had trouble getting out of my chair.

When we got home, I took some generic nighttime cold medicine. It was expired, and that, combined with the two glasses of wine I had for dinner, was not a good thing. I tossed and turned all night and felt really miserable by the time I got to work. I managed to put in my six hours, but came home and crashed. Not only did I not do my long walk, but I was tempted by an ice cream sandwich made with chocolate chip cookies. Mea culpa! I am going on my short walk with Paul right now. He is calling!

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