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Sunday, August 19, 2007

My baby flies the coop

It finally happened. It happens to the luckiest of us. My baby has gone away to college. Paul took him to Radford University on Thursday. They actually got there on Friday, but started out on Thursday evening. We had our goodbye dinner at Wendy's.

Before leaving the house, Matt turned over the car keys to me, and the house keys to Timmy. Timmy will be starting middle school, and may be getting home before I do. He now has his very own keys. Now, if we could just get him to have his very own haircut! (Don't sweat the small stuff. Hair is small stuff. Right.)

Good thing we got a Blazer with fold-down seats.

And of course, he forgot his toothbrush. He left a lot of stuff behind, figuring we would bring them to him on parent's weekend, or he would pick them up when he came home to see Lake Braddock Theater productions.

Speaking of the theater, the last part of the summer was spent with Cappies International Theater Click on the part that says "watch the Cappies students . . ." to take you to the videos that were shot over the month. Matt is shown in the first two, if you look fast. On the second video, look fast at about 34 seconds in. Ahem.

This is Matt with Katherine, his new girlfriend. Her mom said they had been an item for about a week before I heard anything about it. Ah, well. The mom is always the last to know, right? Even her mom heard about it from the out-of-town kids staying with them.

We are lucky that she is local, actually from Fairfax County. Unlike some of the kids.

Like this one -- also named Matt, but we called him Ziggy, because he was staying with us, and we wanted to avoid confusion. Ziggy is from Quebec, and his high school is part of the Ottawa Cappies program.

While he was with us, he celebrated his birthday:
And, at rehearsal, some of the girls with hair straightening equipment got hold of him. He didn't like the look. Trust me, it was better than his passport photo!
Ziggy was not the only one staying with us:

The young lady is Meghan, and she is from the Philadelphia area. She earned her trip to Cappies International Theater by playing Lady Macbeth. And she says she is type cast as a ditz. Right. She is indeed a theatrical "triple threat." She can sing, dance, and act really well. She was a notch above almost everyone else on the stage.

She is also not afraid to wear silly makeup in public. In one of the productions, she played the part of an Amazon, and this was her makeup. All the Amazons went out in public like that after the performance.
In the same production, Matt played a gay pirate. That will look good on his resume!
He also went out in public with his makeup on. He actually made quite an impression in that role, and also in the role he played in Senioritis.
This young man also made quite an impression.
Watch for Michael. I think we will be seeing more of him in the future. Rumor has it that he is off to study acting at a well-known acting school in a city well-known for the theater scene. He can also sing and act really well. I didn't see him dance, but I wouldn't be surprised. He moves pretty well for a big guy.

Senioritis the movie should be available sometime next year. I will keep you updated.

Matt took this picture backstage at the Kennedy center:

We thought it was pretty cool!

Now, the question -- am I a stage mother? Maybe. I am definitely a proud mother! Matt is down to major in theater at Radford. Stay tuned!

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  • At 5:57 PM, Anonymous Sarah HB said…

    Gosh darn it...our babies are NOT supposed to grow up!!!

    I KNOW you will survive and do well, although I suspect it will not hurt any less.

    Hugs to you!

    P.S. My new house is within biking distance of the local community college. Um, how old is my oldest? Oh yeah, 8. See?? Planning ahead! ;)))

  • At 8:34 AM, Blogger datatech57 said…

    This would be great if your kids will be satisfied with community college! Hey, my little AA degree is from a community college (with help from CLEP tests I took in the Army). I finally gave up on the the bachelor's degree when the local university didn't accept my CLEP tests. Also, I had two kids and a job. And now, a job in which I am content. No opportunity for advancement, and I don't have to supervise anybody!


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