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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Day two!

I got a lot of encouragement, thank you! Today, I walked a little more than 1.6 miles in 39:34. I slipped into the bank and Safeway on the way. I stopped my stopwatch while I was in the buildings, but they are on opposite sides of the parking lot, so I did a bit of backtracking. Tomorrow, I will probably stop at the dry cleaners, so it will be a bit longer, again. Anyway, I have a start. Also, I am still walking with Paul in the evenings. That is about .6 miles, and we have been doing that for years. Obviously, not enough. I don't do that when the sidewalks are icy, or when it is raining hard. I need a treadmill.

My uncle said: "Get thee to yon weight-watchers meeting. I have lost 50 lbs since end of April." Good for you , Bill! Somebody else recommended WW, too. I think I will just try eating sensibly, and using portion control. I have been drinking skim milk for years, and haven't put butter on my toast on a regular basis for a long time, either. I try to limit my use of fats and oils in cooking, and when I do use oils, I choose the least saturated. I haven't cooked with shortening for a long time. I just need to take smaller portions and/or avoid seconds. Also, I need to avoid candy and other sweets. I do have a sweet tooth, so today, I bought some non-fat sugar-free hard candy. About six calories a piece. I will have them at work. You know, it is not easy to find candy that is both non-fat and sugar-free, especially chocolate. I did buy some dark chocolate that is about 50 calories per individually wrapped piece. I figure I can have one of those per day. I will try very hard to eat it sloooooooowly.

We don't own a bathroom scale, so I will be weighing myself at the doctor's office when I am there once a month. That should be about right. Also, I do plan to reward myself. After walking five days in a row (or ten days, whichever comes first), I will walk to Baskin Robbins and have a kiddy scoop of butter brickle ice cream. Does anybody remember butter brickle? I got a real yen for it the other day and went looking for it. I couldn't find any by that name, but BR has a couple that come close. Other than that, no ice cream. And we have a carton of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream in the freezer, too. Dang.

For those of you who have done it, how does WW work when the rest of the family doesn't need to be on a diet? They won't even let me buy low-fat ice cream!

Thank you for your support!



  • At 7:21 PM, Anonymous Sarah HB said…

    Good luck!

    I have used versions of WW...the biggest change I had to do when I followed it is make more veggies and exercise portion control!

    Unfortunately, with all going on in life at the moment, WW is not on my current list of things to do...future though!


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