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I have been dealing with breast cancer for a while, and have been sharing my journey with friends, family, and prayer partners. This blog brings all my updates together in one place, and leaves me free to muse on other parts of my life. Thanks for visiting!

Friday, August 24, 2007

The "before" picture

I walked today, the same route I have been taking, so I get some ice cream tomorrow! Hmmm, maybe tonight on our evening walk. Hmmm. I didn't take the stopwatch this time, but it was about 35 minutes by my watch.

Anyway, I thought I would post a "before" picture. Just taken yesterday, the same time I took my curls picture. Note the vertical stripes. They don't help much.
Now that I have posted this, I have even more incentive to keep it up. Also, today I had another medical appointment, so I stepped on the handy scale. It showed six pounds less than last week's scale, in a different office. I will not claim all six of those pounds, as I was wearing lighter shoes today, but it is definitely the right direction!
Now, to go see if I can talk Paul into that walk to Baskin Robbins!

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