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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Cappies International Theater

Dear Friends, Relatives, and prayer partners,

As far as my health goes, it is fine. I have aches and pains related to age, but no problems with my cancer. I like my new oncologist, though the clinic is not as plush as the previous one. Hopefully, I won't have to spend too much time there in the future! I will be going in once a month to have my mediport flushed, but other than that, will not be seeing the oncologist but once in two or three months. I tell people I am in remission. The doctor says there is "no evidence of disease." I will take either one.

Matt is participating in Cappies International Theater. We have two young people, Matt from Ottowa,and Megan, from Philadelphia, staying with us for a month. The attached flyer shows the times and locations of the various plays associated with this. I think it is just so cool that Matt will be onstage at the Kennedy Center, not just receiving an award, but performing! We don't know what he will be doing exactly, but will be performing. He will also be working himself to death for a month. As far as I can tell, they get no days off!

Dates, locations, and ways to get tickets via PayPal are on the attached flyer. The first perfs are next weekend! I am so surprised. Also associated with this event is the filming of the musical "Senioritis" as a feature-length film. If you are interested in being an extra, please let me know. They will need extras the weekend of August 10, 11, and 12th, mostly on the 11th. There is no money involved, just the fun. They will need a lot of high school students. I will find more information and forward it to those who want it.

Take care!

Get your mammograms. Do your self-exams.




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