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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hello from Nebraska!

Yes, I am in my home state. I am once again chaperoning a group of theater students from my son's school to the International Thespian Society's annual festival at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. A lot of fun is had by all, and lots of shows are seen. These are all high school productions, but good-quality ones. I also get to see my brother, Andy, who lives nearby, and plan to spend some time with him and my cousin Jan on Thursday. In the meantime, I am getting lots of exercise.

The last time I came here, two years ago, I got very sore from walking all over. The theater teacher rented a bicycle for the week, so I thought I would do the same. Now, I am sore in different places. I don't think I have ridden a bike for over 18 years. I used to ride one all the time in Kenya, but haven't done so since then. I also used to have a lambswool bicycle seat cover. Remind me to bring that along next time. I will ask somebody to take pictures of the funny-looking fat old lady on the bike so I can share it with you all.

Next time may be some time from now. Matt has graduated, and is not eligible to participate as a student next year. Timmy has shown some interest in theater, but won't be eligible to come for two more years. I don't think I will spend any of my limited vacation time to chaperon a trip when one of my children is not on it. As it is, I get to take care of the ten girls, making sure they get in by curfew every night, and helping with anything else they may need.

I am getting a bit of crocheting done. I made a string bag for water bottles. It has a very long handle so it can be slung across the chest. If it needs to be smaller, I tie a knot in it. Another thing we need a photo of. I may well be able to plug my data card from my camera directly into this computer. Another technology adventure!

Now, excuse me while a creak out of this chair. I have a play to attend!

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  • At 8:00 PM, Blogger Sarah said…

    Still sounds like a nice trip and I agree, I would not chaperone if my child wasn't part of the trip!


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