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Friday, April 20, 2007

Ruth Update, April 20, 2007

On Tuesday, Paul and I went to my usual monthly meeting with my oncologist. She was surprised to see Paul there, and asked to what she owed this pleasure. I said "Elizabeth Edwards." We wanted to ask her some hard questions about my future. The gist of her answer is that she doesn't know what my future will be like, and Elizabeth Edward's doctors don't know what her life will be like, either. Yes, I might have a recurrence. It could be in a year, two years, or more. She says that breast cancer is not one of the ones that can be considered "cured" after five years of being cancer-free. Then she ordered another PET scan for May. It is scheduled for May 12th, and I should get the results from her on May 17th.

After the appointment with the oncologist, I went for my annual mammogram. I get shots of both breasts: a "bilateral comprehensive" mammogram. This means I got two shots of each side. For those of you who have never had a mammogram, the technician takes the shots, and then you get to sit down in your little paper bolero and wait while she shows them to the radiologist. I think they just look to be sure that the shots are clear at that point, but they also might see something they want a better look at. When the technician came back, she took another shot of my left breast -- my "good" one. When the radiologist looked at that one, he/she ordered an ultrasound of my breast. This will happen on May 1st. Happy May Day.

Now, I have had retakes in the past. One time, I had a breast MRI ordered. That was an adventure, but it didn't show anything exciting. Of course, that was mostly for my reconstructed breast. The radiologist in that case hadn't really seen anything like that before, I guess, and he just wanted to be sure. This one, though, is for what is supposed to be my healthy breast. Am I worried? Yeah, a little bit. I am also glad that there will be a PET scan after the ultrasound.

Now for the good news. I called my oncologist's office to get the latest on my blood work that was drawn on Tuesday. My cancer marker is down from last time! Whoo, hoo!

I would still appreciate your prayers.

Get your mammograms. Do your self-exams.




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