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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Ruth Update #8

April 9, 2006

Dear Friends, Relatives, and Prayer partners,

I am feeling pretty well today. I even helped make the weekly pizza yesterday by making the dough and the sauce. Paul put them together with the toppings and baked them. Last week, he and Matt pretty much did the whole thing. I took the opportunity yesterday to give Paul a lesson on the art of bread making. He has the science part down pretty pat!

On problem I am having involves some skin issues related to my radiation treatments. I will not go into the gory details unless you insist, but I would appreciate prayer for healing.

I spoke with a nurse at my oncologist's office this week. I wanted to know if I had a 90 percent chance of losing 90 percent of my hair. She asked around to see what had happened to the hair of other people who are on the same medication, and most of them had some thinning, but not complete loss. The last time, I had Adriamycin as one of my drugs. I lost every hair on my body, but it started to grow back when I was on Taxol alone. Abraxane is basically the same drug as Taxol, just a different biochemical delivery system. This I learn after taking my wig in to the "spa" for a new set. I picked it up Saturday. Dang, it looks good. I cannot put it on now, though, as I quit having haircuts when I got my diagnosis, and now it is quite long and just as thick as ever. The wig was sized to my bald head. Now I am exploring the possibility of getting my hair cut very short so I can still wear the wig, but not go completely bald. If I follow the same schedule as last time, my hair should start falling out this week. We will see how it goes. I have so much hair to begin with, it might not be a bad thing for it to thin out a bit. Paul took a "before" photo today, along with some pics of my wig. I may send them along with some "after" photos in a future update.

Our Nintendo Game Cube has been on the fritz for a long time. A while back, we took it in to be repaired, but the place refused to even try. So, Matt got on line and found instructions to repair a common problem with the system. We had to get a special screwdriver as Nintendo doesn't want anybody messing about inside. Some fellow in Hong Kong sells the screwdriver. Anyway, Matt was able to fix it, but it went on the fritz again a while later. Nobody seemed to have the desire to fix it again until this weekend. We had confiscated Timmy's hand-held games, and the online games he gets on the computer just didn't seem to challenge him. Also, we have password protected the log on to the computer, so he is not supposed to be able to get on. He decided Friday night to fix the GameCube. He is eleven years old and had the thing apart on the dining room table. Tim is now playing a James Bond game on the GameCube. While we would rather he be doing homework, we are also very proud of Timmy. Now, if he would just apply as much effort to his homework . . .

Okay, now for my rant of the week, which has nothing to do with my cancer or its treatment:

Remember a few updates ago, when I said I had had a good week? I mentioned that my favorite Oldies station had played my request while I was on the way home from radiation treatment? Well, this week the owners of that station fired all the on-air personalities and changed the format to "classic rock." This means they also fired the Beach Boys, the Monkees, the Mamas and the Papas, and Motown. Elvis has also left the building. About the only '60's music they kept was the Beatles (I suppose the Rolling Stones, too). They added '80's music to their play list. I was royally ticked off. I sent an e-mail to the station, too, to tell them how ticked off I was, and I cc'd it to the reporter at the Washington Post who covered the change. He said "I've gotten many negative reactions about the 'new' WBIG, but that's about the best-expressed one I've seen!" I promised the station that I would not only not listen to the new station, I would remove the presets for all 8 of the Clear Channel stations in the area. I shouldn't take this personally. Oldies stations all over the country are changing formats. In the reply from their marketing director, they suggested I buy an HD radio, as they are still playing '50's and '60's music there. Bummer.

End of rant.

Get your mammograms. Do your self-exams.




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