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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Ruth Update #5

March 19, 2006

Dear Friends, Relatives, and Prayer Partners,

Well, I thought I got over my tummy trouble and we went out to eat last night. A wonderful Italian meal went straight through without stopping. Sigh. The good news is that I lost several pounds from not eating my regular diet. Not a weight loss plan I would recommend to anybody.

By "we" I mean the Provances and my brother Tony, who was in town to see Matt's play, Nathan the Wise. It was good, and Matt was great! You have two more chances to see this play at Lake Braddock Secondary School, this coming Friday and Saturday, March 24 and 25, in the Little Theater. I believe tickets are for sale at the door only, and are $8 each. Lots of room in the Little Theater. Curtain is at 8:00 PM.

This morning I awoke in pain. My hip hurt worse than it ever has. This was Percocet pain X 2. I missed church this morning, but did get to see a doctor at our HMO's urgent care clinic. One of the nurses saw that I was suffering and bumped me up the list a little. It still felt like forever before I got in to see the doc, but by then the pills had kicked in and dulled the pain a bit. I also didn't really care anymore. Anyway, after telling the doctor my sad tale, she determined that it was probably bursitis brought on by radiation, and she prescribed naproxen. I don't buy it, but the naproxen did help. I will check with my regular doctors tomorrow. It is just that the pain came on so hard and suddenly, and a week after radiation therapy ended. My hip was just fine last night, and this morning I was weeping from pain. She also told me to continue with the BRAT diet. The heck with that.

Thank goodness Tony was in town. We were able to coordinate with Paul as he got the boys to church. Tony brought me to church after I had made the appointment at urgent/after hours care. I managed to get to a little bit of Bible class, but missed church. Thank goodness also for Paul, who ran our car all over the Falls Church area to get me to the clinic, and get the rest of them to church and youth group. I missed a knitting class I had already paid $40 for, though. Dang.

I need to try to get some more rest. Thank you all for your prayers!

Get your mammograms. Do your self-exams.




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