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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Ruth Update #21

August 26, 2006

Dear Friends, Relatives, and Prayer Partners,

Thank you all for your continued support. I am doing pretty well today, and had a pretty "normal" week for the week after chemotherapy. I missed Monday at work. If there had been extremely important things to do, I suppose I could have gone in, but they told me that I could take the day off if I needed to. I rested a lot. I also had Matt drive me to the dentist. The dentist ground down one of my back molars (#15, I believe) to a nub and took impressions. I will be getting yet another crown. My face was all lopsided for a while. As usual, the worst part was the first shot of local ansesthetic. I did remember to ask my oncologist if I should go forward with this procedure, as I made sure it was scheduled after I got the results of the PET scan. Of course, I was in the office, paying my copay when I finally did ask her. She told me to take the high-powered antibiotic, Levaquin, that she gave me as a precaution before we went to the VI. One the night before, and one the night of the procedure. I am doing well. Oh, I said that already!

Why is it that I have been contacted about jury duty three times since we have lived in Northern Virginia, and Paul has never been called? The first time was for federal court, and I was extremely pregnant. They never called again. The second time, I forgot about it until the next day, but my group hadn't been called anyway. Now, they want me on September 19th. If the court doesn't let me out, I plan to wear a scarf or wig when I report, if I have to report, so maybe the lawyers will let me out of it. My wig looks too darned good! Not that I mind jury duty, but this is just not a really good time for me. I have set a reminder with Yahoo, just in case. I hope I will remember to call in this time! They told us we couldn't bring knitting needles or similar items. I suppose that means crochet hooks, too. Dang. I would need a good thick book, I guess.

I have joined the 21st Century and started a blog. So far, all I have done is post all of my updates in order, from the beginning in February. I plan to keep sending out these updates to my current list of prayer partners, and also posting them on the blog. I may also post some other "musings" at the blog. You may tell other people about the blog if you want. I intend it to be public, to an extent, anyway. I will try not to go overboard and post my every waking thought and opinion. I am still trying to figure out how to use it, and hope to improve it as time goes on. You may continue to reply to my updates via e-mail, or in "comments" at the blog. Just remember, all comments on the blog will be public!

Thank you for your continued support.

Get your mammograms. Do your self-exams.



  • At 5:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Guess I'm the first to comment on your blog. LOVE the colors! I'm not a blogger, but rather a blog lurker. I read certain knitting blogs but don't have the time (or desire) to blog myself. I've put yours in my favorites and will be checking back.
    Glad you're feeling pretty good. Prayers continue.


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