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Monday, August 28, 2006

Grill that beef!

My dear husband, Paul, has been doing more of the cooking lately, especially when I am not feeling well. He still usually checks with me before cooking something, to see if I have any ideas for him. We have a freezer full of beef, having bought a split half from Polyface Farms. When you order in bulk like that, they ask if you want liver. Paul always says yes.

My brothers will tell you that when we were growing up, Dad and I liked liver. Mom would cook it, but she didn't really like it. My brothers didn't like it. It is funny how that lined up. Dad and I didn't like sausage much, but Mom and my brothers did. We all ate what was in front of us, pretty much, and cleaned our plates, too. We have the weight problems to prove it.

Anyway, Paul didn't like liver too much as a child, but when he was a teen, he got anemia. Part of the treatment was to eat more liver. His mom is a good cook, so he got so that he liked liver. We have a book, Fifty Ways to Cook Everything, that has a chapter "Fifty Ways to Love Your Liver." I tried a recipe from there, with rosemary and marsala, I think, and served it forth. Paul promptly poured ketchup on it. Maybe that is why he can eat the stuff. Put enough ketchup on it, you can eat almost anything.

When I say I like liver, I mean in moderation. Trouble is, the butcher packs the stuff in one-pound packages and the boys will not even consider it. That leaves a half-pound of beef liver for me.

The other day, Paul suggested grilled steak and fried liver for dinner. I asked why he didn't grill both of them. He said, "Can you do that?" Anyway, he peeled potatoes and I mashed them and made fake gravy (beef bullion and Bisto), and he grilled the steak and the liver. I guess we should have checked the cookbook. He ate it, and I had a little. Shoe leather comes to mind. The steak was one of the big ones, but I don't know which one. It was okay, but a bit chewy. Of course, this is grass-fed beef, so it is not extra-tender. Tastes beefy, though.

If you have a better recipe for grilled liver, let me know. We probably should have been faster.


  • At 5:09 PM, Anonymous Jan Brown said…

    Liver Story from Jan:
    Grandma Emma was making us breakfast one morning when Dale and Phiz were no doubt at a Husker game somewhere. She was making pancakes in various animal shapes and some kind of meat. The food appeared on our plates and for once, I was trying to be nice to my sister. "Jeanie, don't eat that, it's LIVER," I whispered. Jeanie, for various good reasons in her past, didn't believe me. "Gramma, what kind of meat is this?" she asked. Emma who didn't really lie but was good with stories, replied, "It came from a hog." I still wouldn't touch it - I figured that pigs must have livers, too, as there was no mistaking that smell. I don't know if Jeanie tasted it - probably not. And that's the closest I've come to liver on my plate in 40 years. More power to you liver lovers - someone has to eat the organs, I guess. But it's not me - I stay away from items that look and smell like giant blood clots.


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