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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bad News From Virginia

This was my first mass e-mail, dated February 10, 2006:

Dear Friends and family,

Many of you know that I had a mastectomy in 2001 and chemotherapy and radiation in 2002. I came through all of that pretty well, but I did have six lymph nodes that were positive for cancer cells.

For a few months I have been suffering with pain in my hip, but due to the nature of the pain, my family physician and I were treating it as bursitis.

A few weeks ago, following my regular visit with my oncologist, a blood test showed slightly elevated levels of a cancer marker. We followed that up with another test, which also showed elevated markers. We followed that with a PET Scan. That PET scan showed cancer in my hip. The good news is that it did not show any cancer anywhere else. My oncologist is optimistic.

The plan now is to radiate the area, and follow it with chemotherapy. I will not be having major surgery at this time. I may get a medi-port installed, but that would only mean a day or two off work.

The last time I went through this adventure, a lot of people were praying for me. I hope that this will continue to happen. I have added you to my e-mail list of prayer partners in hopes of sending you updates on my condition and treatment, and any specific prayer requests I might have. If you do not wish to receive these updates, or wish me to send them to a different address, please just reply to this message to that effect, and I will remove you from the list or change the address. If I have sent to more than one of your addresses, please let me know your preferred address, and I will obey your wishes. If you have friends or relatives who know me and might wish to get these updates, you may forward the message, with a note for them to contact me directly to be added to the list. Please do not just forward these messages to everyone you know. Your congregation's prayer chain would be fine, but I don't want to take up unneccesary bandwidth.

For this message only, please forward to any of my friends or relatives that you might know. If they already got it, fine, I already have their address. If you didn't get this message directly from me, and you wish to get updates in the future, please contact me directly to be added to the list.

I hope that my updates in the future will not be so long.

Please pray for me. Please do your self-exams and get your mammograms. If I had been doing my self-exams as I should have been back before 2001, I may have caught the original cancer before it got into my lymph nodes, and I might not be in this pickle.

Thank you.

Ruth Provance


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